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Extended family community regime

Who can qualify? 
  • Those members of the family who in the country of origin are in charge of the community citizen. 
  • Those cases in which, due to serious health or disability reasons, it is strictly necessary for the citizen to take charge of the personal care of their family members. 
  • The de facto partner with whom a stable relationship is maintained 
What must be accredited? 
  • That the family members who are to be reunited do not have their own income to cover their basic needs. 
  • You must prove that you are in charge, proving that the applicant lived in the care of the EU national in the country of origin. 
What is "being in charge"? 
  • It is an indeterminate legal concept, included in RD 240/2007.
  • Being indeterminate, it forces each case to be studied individually. 
  • The facts, circumstances and documentation provided by the applicant must be analyzed to demonstrate this situation.