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Filing of initial alien applications WITHOUT AN APPOINTMENT

Are you a foreigner and need to start a process to get your papers? Have you been months without an appointment? Keep reading because we have the solution

If you have come this far, it is because you have been trying for months to find an appointment to present your immigration papers, and you have not obtained it, and we are going to give you the solution. 
From today and from this office, we can present your initial applications WITHOUT AN APPOINTMENT. If you read correctly, NO APPOINTMENT.
All initial alien applications can be submitted without an appointment: 
  • Family of community residents 
  • Processing of residence permits
  • Residence authorization for exceptional circumstances (social, family and work roots) 
  • Family reunification and relatives of community members.
  • Long-term residence.
If you are interested or interested in submitting your initial documentation, do not hesitate to contact Contact with us and we will help you in all the paperwork you need.