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What will the return to normality be like in notaries?

The General Council of Notaries has issued an instruction with the guidelines to be followed by the 17 notarial associations so that notaries gradually return to normality, which will depend on the phase in which each population is. 

  • Phase 0: Actions will continue by appointment and prioritizing urgent cases, allowing extension to others that are not. 
  • Phase 1: Performances will continue by appointment, however no matter will be given priority. And the notary's departures may be made without limitation. 
  • Phase 2:  The performances will continue by appointment and the obligation to avoid crowds. The notarial action will have no limitation. 
  • Phase 3: The prior appointment will go from being mandatory to recommended.
In any case, the minimum safety distances of two meters must be guaranteed both in work spaces and in access, waiting and customer service areas.